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A conservatory is an excellent way of enhancing the extra space outside your house. However, homeowners are finding that their conservatories are too cold during winter and extremely hot during summer. This means that this part of the house can only be used for a few months, when the outside temperature is normal.

But now, with a ComfyRoof you can use your conservatory all round the year. We provide affordable and the best conservatory roof insulation solutions in the UK. When the roof is insulated, the conservatory temperature is totally regulated so it doesn’t matter what the conditions are like outside your conservatory the ambience inside is always balanced. We use multiple reflective and thermally insulating layers, which will retain heat during winter and keep the room cool during the summer season.

If you’re thinking that blinds can be a cheaper alternative, then you need to consider that there are no thermal values with blinds they will simply protect you from the glare but will not keep the room cool and offer no insulation. The fabric used in blinds will not be able to keep off heat during summer, and it’s quite unlikely that the conservatory will be of any use during the winter season. On the other hand, completely replacing your ceiling with a plasterboard option is likely to be an expensive affair and could lead to maintenance issues including unsightly cracking.

The best solution is to insulate your conservatory so that you can use it at any time of the year. Changing your conservatory roof to ComfyRoof will be the best way to ensure you can use this part of the house irrespective of the weather outside. ComfyRoof systems are cost-effective and we can usually complete the installation within 1 day.

 So, choose Comfy Roof and give your conservatory the insulation it deserves! 

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Conservatory Types

We can create a fully insulated comfyroof for any shaped conservatory, these are the most popular shapes. All you need to do is let us know the shape of yours, provide us with the floor dimensions and send a couple of images and we will be happy to send you back a quote using our quick quote system.


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